Our Más Seguro y Más Fuerte Training Webinars are now available! 

Webinar 2.0:

This webinar discusses the strategies for building trust with Latino communities, establishing a volunteer advocate program and utilizing culturally specific on-line resources. Clikc HERE to view the webinar.

Webinar 2.0 Resources: 

Immigrant Power & Control Wheel: https://www.futureswithoutviolence.org/power-and-control-tactics-used-against-immigrant-women/

Visual Safety Plan: http://www.nifvi.org/pdf/Visual%20Safety%20Plan-Spanish.pdf

TAPIT- Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters & Translators: https://www.tapit.org/membership/membership-directory/

National Websites:


Webinar 1.0:

Webinar 1.0 includes information about Hispanic culture, current events impacting immigrant victims, victim needs, strategies, and best practices for providing effective services for this underserved population.  The webinar can be watched by clicking HERE.

Webinar 1.0 Resources:

  • Printable handout with slides click HERE 
  • Presenters bios & contact info click HERE
  • Visa Comparative Chart click HERE
  • Immigration Representation Referral List click HERE

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Coalition:  https://www.tnimmigrant.org/
Catholic Charities of Tennessee Immigration Services: http://cctenn.org/servicesdetails.cfm?id=2


About Más Seguro y Más Fuerte: Safer and Stronger

In 2016, the YWCA Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley received a discretionary VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) grant from the State of Tennessee, Office of Criminal Justice Programs, to implement Más Seguro y Más Fuerte: Safer and Stronger. This project brings evidence-based best practices about working with Hispanic victims of domestic violence to victim services providers across the state of Tennessee.

Focused on providing strategies and practices to enhance services for Hispanic and Spanish-speaking victims of domestic violence, the YWCA Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley uses its decades of knowledge and proven practices to highlight successful strategies, long-term planning processes, and statewide resources for victims and professionals.

In the summer of 2017, YWCA staff began holding in-person trainings in East, Middle, and West Tennessee specifically designed to help frontline victim services providers more effectively meet the needs of Hispanic victims. In addition, follow up webinars and access to individualized technical assistance will be provided, creating a continuum of access to best practices throughout the cycle of the grant.

Agencies across the state have joined the YWCA Knoxville as part of Mas Seguro y Mas Fuerte’s planning committee, including the Alliance for Better Non-Profits (Knoxville), Centro Hispano de East Tennessee (Knoxville), HoLa Hora Latina (Knoxville), the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga (Chattanooga) and the YWCA Bristol (Bristol).

Please contact Lorie Matthews at LMatthews@ywcaknox.com with any questions.


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